Meet your New Stationery Team

Hi! Meet MyBabbo! Our team has been serving you behind the scenes for the last 7 years for all your stationery needs through your partnership with Dodge Company Canada.

We are the owners of the Tribute Creator software and have been supplying Dodge with all their stationery product offerings (guest books, paper stock, candles, and more).

As Dodge focuses on their core line and exits the stationery market, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve you directly.

MyBabbo Team

So, What’s Changing?

We are keeping it simple:) You will get the same valued service, Tribute Creator software, and affordable, high quality products as you have been getting through your partnership with Dodge. Just now, through us!

Other than that the only difference is your service may come with a side of meatballs or some yummy sweets. Really? Yes, Mirco is known to travel with his homemade meatballs and Tracy with cupcakes, mint chocolate or whatever tasty treat she is inspired by.

Sorry, you can’t blame us, delighting our clients is part of who we are :)

We look forward to serving you!

Mirco Rossetti

Mirco Rossetti
Chief Meatball Officer

Tracy Rossetti

Tracy Rossetti
Chief Celebration Officer

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